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Photo report: “Alpine fairy tale or a trip to Switzerland”

Written on 12.01.2021 in 1.Europe

We will start our acquaintance with Switzerland from the principality of Liechtenstein. This dwarf state is located in the Alps in the upper Rhine and is associated with Switzerland. The territory of the principality is only 160 square kilometers, where about 36.8 thousand people live. Liechtenstein’s population is predominantly Liechtenstein...

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Photo report “Africa – Land of Bushmen”

Written on 01.12.2020 in 2.Africa

This was our first and probably the most difficult, organizationally, expedition to Africa. In 28 days we managed to visit four countries in southern Africa: Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa, get acquainted with the life and traditions of local residents, and visit the most famous National Parks of these countries. So, we begin our...

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Photo report “In the way of the Bengal tiger”.

Written on 16.10.2020 in 4.Asia

So, we arrived at a cozy lodge located near the border of the Bandhavgarh National Park, where our guide Papu meets us. Here we will spend five days and look forward to unforgettable encounters with the Bengal tiger. Bandhavgarh National Park, or as the locals call it Bandogar, spreads out its possessions among the Vindhya...

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Photo report “Beauty of Altai Mountains”.

Written on 21.09.2020 in 4.Asia

Altai has always attracted us with its mysterious beauty. And finally, we arrived in Gorno-Altaysk and begin our twenty-day expedition, in which we will try to tell about the people living here, their history, culture and the unique nature of these places. The cars are ready, and we go to the border with the Altai...

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