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    Welcome to the website of the travellers club "The World of Adventures"

    The Club "The World of Adventures" exists since the year of 2006. It was then that the members of the club (Valeriy Efimov, Mihail Titov and Aleksandr Sirbu) have teamed up around the idea of travelling through the world in a form of NATURE EXTREME ADVENTURE. The first 28-days expedition was in New Zealand, in February 2006. Since then we had the opportunity to carry out more than 30 expeditions on 5 continents in the form of NATURE EXTREME ADVENTURE.

    The club is administered by Valeriy Efimov. He develops the travel routs of the expeditions, searches the organizational partners, which include the Moscow companies "Palman" and "Perspektiva". The structure of the club is instable. We are always happy to meet new people who can afford traveling throughout the world with the philosophy NATURE EXTREME ADVENTURE. The desire to find like-minded people inspired us to create our own web site.

    One of the goals of our expeditions is to create non-commercial movies on the basis of the footage made during our expeditions. All the movies can be used only for personal viewing and their commercial use shall be forbidden. As of today (2017 August, 4) we have already edited 30 movies about the expeditions we had. The project of the club "The World of Adventures " is non-commercial and is rather a life style of its members.

    The organizational sponsor of the club " The World of Adventures " is the British company West Sport Alliance L.L.P., which is the official distributor of the Puma International company in Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan.